The Piggot Boys

This page is dedicated to the life and activities of the four sons of Jean & Leslie as youngsters

This photograph was take on the beach at Nairn in the North East of Scotland.
From left to right we have Leslie, Malcolm, Arthur and Douglas.
rascals Nairn.jpgRonaldmk2.jpgRonaldmk11.jpg

These photographs was taken on Arran with cousins Ronald and Dorothy Stevenson.


A flight to Islay in the late 1940’s. All recall the aeroplane – a Dragon Rapid biplane – was made of wood and canvas and landed in a fog at Islay. All were pretty ‘green’ by the end of the flight. Mother recalled the pilot looking out of the open side window in the cockpit to see where he was going! This photo taken on arrival by Uncle Alan McDonald who was also on the flight.
Here is the type of plane they were travelling in – a 12 seat biplane.



This photograph taken on Islay at Isa and Roy’s bank house. Roy and Isa together seen below both worked in the local bank in Port Ellen.


Aunt Isa with Douglas on Islay.


This is Malcolm now – a photograph taken in 2005.


More photographs to follow – eh brothers?

One thought on “The Piggot Boys

  1. something prompted me to look up MY COUSIN Leslie in the Olympics to show my little boy John Leslie(46) when he was visiting this week-end from Oban. His father (me) is now 80 years old and hardly nhearty but remembers Mum and Dad from my days at5 Lamington Road and even Kilchatan Bay on the Torsa
    Could go on(and on as I do) but great to see the web site, bringing back memories
    No.2 daughter (5 !?) is Susan PIGGOT Martin and my wee brother(75) is THOMAS PIGGOT Cuthbertson in case you forgot

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