The Leslie family

This page is dedicated to the family of Grandmother Piggot – the Leslie family.

The family are we believe called after a village in Angus  – in the east of Scotland near Dundee – called Leslie. There is an even smaller settlement called Arnot close to Leslie. This place name became a Christian name in the Leslie family and later in the Piggot family. The Christian name Leslie has passed down in the Piggot family to the present day.

No photograph of Great Grandmother Leslie exists. Grandmother Jessie Piggot ( nee Leslie ) is in the spectacles is seen here with ( right to left ) Flora Piggot ( nee Laird ) Grandfather Piggot and an unknown young woman.

The photo taken by Jim Piggot presumably immediately post WW2 and the location the ‘Rest and be Thankful’? That skyline should be identifiable!

The Leslie’s are still very much in evidence in the Forfar / Brechin / Dundee triangle. Thanks to some hard work by Brian Piggot of Toronto the following antecedents of Grandmother Jesse Piggot have been identified:

Great great great grandparents Alexander Leslie and Euphemia Henderson both born in Fife about 1788 had the following children: Margaret 1814 Abbotshall Fife

Arnot 1815
Alexander 1817
John 1819
James 1822
Henry 1824
Henderson 1830
David 1832 O

Of these children ,the males all appear to have died prior to adulthood except for your great great grandfather Arnot, David  and Henderson who became an engineer in the Royal Navy and married but appeared to be childless in England.
Great great grandparents Arnot Leslie and Grace Combs had the following children:
Arnot 1841
William 1842
John 1846
Jane 1850
Euphemia 1853
Grace 1857
Alexander 185
Once again of the males Great grandfather John is the only one to survive to adulthood or at least stay in Scotland.
Great Grandparents John Leslie and Catherine Matthew both born in 1846 had the following children:
Arnot 1873
John 1880
Grace 1883 ( Died in Rutherglen )
Jane 1887
Jessie Rattray 1877 ( Wife of Tom Piggot )

At the 1901 census John 1880 is listed as working in a drapery factory . Grace is listed as a clerk so is her brother Arnot ( b 1873) . Thanks to the contribution by Bob Leiser a gentleman who now owns the home of  Arnot Leslie in Langside in Glasgow we know a lot more about this sub branch of the Leslies.
In 1861 the census shows that Arnot ( b1841 Kirkcaldy ) lived at 48 Bedfod Street with his parents Arnot and Grace ( ne Combs) with siblings mentioned above. Great great uncle Arnot Leslie ( b 1841 ) and his wife Janet went to Argentina where he was listed in a street directory of 1885 for Buenos Aires as a plumbers. He had a family including Arnot Junior. It seems that Arnot senior’s brother David ( b 1832 ) also went to Argentina. All three are listed as members of the St Andrew’s Society of Buenos Aires in 1894. In addition Arnot senior became the first club champion of the Mar del Plata Golf Club and there is an Arnot Leslie Cup copmpetiotoon there to this day. In the 1891 census Arnot senior’s brother John( b 1846) and his wife Catherine are living in Glasgow at Stevenson Drive , Shawlands. They have a son called Arnot aged 18 and living with them are William and George Leslie – aged 16 and 14 – both born in Buenos Aires.  These two living in Glasgow while their families remained in Buenos Aires for some reason – perhaps for their schooling? In 1901 census  the family returned from Buenos Aires for reasons’s unknown.

In an extended family group at this address were the following:

Arnot senior – retired plumber’s  (60)
Jane E – wife (60)
Arnot (30) retired plumbers servant
Alexander (21 ) Insurance Clerk
Ethel E(15) scholar
Grace T Paul (ne Leslie ) (32)
Leslie T Paul (9)
Regina Rinmondi ( 45 ) cook born Italy

Arnot Senior died in 1904 at a house called Argentine in Monreith Road, Newlands, Glasgow. He might have returned from South America with the family for health reasons? In 1910 Janet E died at the same house.

The discovery of the career of William ( Guillermo) Leslie in Argentinian football on at the turn of the 20th Century has stimulated new research with the aid of Jorge Galleto ( Argentina ) , Bob Leiser ( Scotland ) and Brian Piggot ( Canada ) . This research is continuing at March 2011.

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