The Dudgeon family

This page is dedicated to Grandmother McDonald’s family – the Dudgeons.

Here is great Grandmother Flora Mcpherson Dudgeon.

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Photograph below is of Chrissie, Flora and Bill Sutherland taken of the Isle of Man in 1929. Bill Sutherland worked in shipbuilding and during the constrauction of the Queen Mary was involved in an industrial accident. He with others was working inside one of the liner’s huge funnels when the scaffolding collapsed sending some men to their deaths. Bill survived but was invalided out of the industry. He and Chrissie moved to Kipford on the Solway Firth where they opened a small guest house and Bill ran a taxi for many years. Mother spent some short holiday’s at Kipford taking Malcolm along.


Great Aunt Chrissie and Flora c 1930.


July 1933 Public Park Stratford upon Avon. Back row left to right – unknown lady, Grandmother Flora McDonald, Helen McDonald. Middle row Bill Sutherland. Front right Alan McDonald.

A group photograph by Jean Piggot in 1933 at Rugby. The little girl front right is Edith Hamilton .

Great Aunt Meg Dudgeon and Aunt Flora McDonald on Arran at afternoon tea.

The following material on the Dudgeons was provided by Eilleen Hillyer. Granddaughter of Chrissie Sutherland ( nee Dudgeon ) sister of Grandmother McDonald.

Flora Douglas McPherson ( Grandmother McDonald )

” Flora Douglas McPherson was born on 6th August 1874 at 107 Herriet Street Pollockshaws Glasgow. She is registered as illegitimate.

She appears on the 1881 Census at the home of Adam Dudgeon. She is listed as being 6 years old and a scholar. She is listed as the daughter of Adam Dudgeon.

On the 1891 Census Flora is working as a Domestic Servant at the home of a Mrs Mary Todd at 5 Victoria Crescent Road in Partick. I think this is off the present Byers Road.
Flora (aged 24) was married on
28th March 1899 to William McDonald at 24 Bruce Road Glasgow.

Flora is listed and signs herself now as Flora McPherson Dudgeon, Domestic Servant, Spinster. (As some of the Dudgeon children were registered as ‘Dudgeon McPherson’ before Flora and Adam were married, they simply reversed the names after 1900.) Her address is given as 19 Rutland Crescent Kinning Park. Her parents’ names are given as Adam Dudgeon, Plasterer, and Flora Dudgeon nee McPherson. (Adam and Flora were not actually married at this time but listed as man and wife on Census returns.)

William McDonald is listed as Butcher, Batchelor. His parents’ names are given as John McDonald, Butcher (Deceased) and Isabella McDonald nee McNab. His address is given as 111 Eaglesham Street, Govan.

This address rang a bell!! The Dudgeon family lived at that address from about 1885(when Adam was born) and were still there at the time of the 1891 Census.

The McDonald family were actually the Dudgeons’ next door neighbours. The McDonald household is listed as follows:

Isabella McDonald (Widow) – Head

Allan McDonald – Ship Carpenter

William McDonald – Butcher

John McDonald – General Labourer

Alexander McDonald – General Labourer

So although Flora was working away from home, she did in effect marry ‘the boy next door’!
I searched for William and Flora McDonald on the 1901 Census and found them living at
5 Portman Street, Kinning Park.

The household is listed as follows:

William McDonald aged 33 – Butcher

Flora McDonald aged 27

Allan McDonald aged 1

Flora McDonald aged 3 months

The family lived at some time in the Mosspark area of Glasgow.
Great Aunt Flora was widowed relatively young.

She at some time ran a guest house in Dunoon. This was a favourite holiday destination for all her nieces and nephews – as well as their parents. Mum Flora and Auntie Edith tell stories of happy visits there. Dad Peter and Mum used to go up over the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ by the old road and down to Dunoon on the back of Dad’s motorbike during their ‘courting days’.

In her later years Aunt Flora was cared for by her daughter Flora. They lived in a flat at 614 Dumbarton Road.

Flora died in 1955 (apparently as a result of a fall on the stairs to this flat.) She died in the Western Infirmary in Glasgow on 18th January 1955. The cause given was ‘Fracture Skull and Cerebral Lacerations. The death is registered by her son William McDonald of 23 Boclair Road, Bearsden. ”

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