John Leslie Piggot died on 1st July 1989 at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh he awas 74 years old. On Sunday 25 February 2001 Jean Macdonald Piggot passed away at the Roger Park Nursing home in Rutherglen near Glasgow. During the period 2000/ 2001, two of the most elderly members of the extended Piggot family passed away – Jim Piggot and Jean Piggot leaving Arnot Piggot the sole survivor of the generation who reached adulthood before World War II. This situation has precipitated an effort to record some of the family history before too many memories dim in the generation now in the ‘font line’ and before too many artefacts – photographs and other records are lost. The remaining members of the Piggot / McDonald family have contributed as far as they were able to the completion of this record. This document is a record for the future generations of Piggot’s and their descendants and is an honest attempt to pass on – as far as is possible – an account of a group of people and their times which very soon might otherwise become forgotten.

The document will focus on facts as far as they are recorded and known about individuals but inevitably a degree of anecdotal evidence will be relied upon. Where possible documents relating to them and other archives material will be recorded and explained. In addition, anecdotal material that casts light on the personalities and characters of the individuals involved will be recorded. Remembering of course that these individuals regrettably are no longer here to defend themselves judgemental accounts of family disagreement and disputes have been strenuously avoided.

The principal authors of this account were Douglas and Malcolm Piggot. Other key contributors to the Piggot ‘story’ were:

  • Arnot Piggot
  • Guthrie Piggot
  • Arthur Piggot
  • Leslie Piggot
  • Janice Sinclair (nee Piggot)

This document has taken some years to start and remains an open book in as much as there will undoubtedly be further contributions waiting to be made. Who knows there may be as yet undiscovered ‘skeletons in the cupboard’. The authors have used their best endeavours to capture the spirit and the character of the principal members of the extended the Piggot / McDonald family and trust the reader whoever he or she might be will enjoy the story. Its part of your story!

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