Jean and Leslie

This page is dedicated to our parents Jean and Leslie.
Jean McPherson Dudgeon McDonald was born on 13th October 1909. John Leslie Piggot was born 22nd September 1906. Jean attended her local primary school, the Scotland Street School designed by Charlies Rennie McIntosh which was newly built and opened in 1906. ( See Blogroll Link opposite )

They both attended Bellahouston Academy.They met – we don’t know where or how – but were soon ‘courting’.
An early photograph of Leslie taken by Jean at Edinburgh Castle.

Jean and Leslie were married on 25th October 1935 at the Mosspark Congregational Church and the reception was held at the Marlborough Hotel in Langside. We do not know whether or where they honeymooned. Their first home was in Arbroath Avenue, Glasgow. As was the practice at the time she married Jean left her employment with the Glasgow City Council as the PA to the Chief Engineer in the City Chambers.

Mother liked to record happy days. These four photographs taken somewhere down the Clyde coast.
mother 1.jpgDad on Arran.jpgMom kilcatten bay.jpgLeslieLane.jpg
Leslie worked with his father Tom in the Sunshine Biscuit Factory in Paisley Road West.


Jean and Leslie on holiday at Whiting Bay, Isle of Arran 1934


Jean on the beach in the early 1930’s. She learned to swim when she was in her seventies. She learned to drive about the same time!

Jean on a Clyde steamer – taken by Leslie on a day out?


Jean in her ‘flapper’ outfit – very stylish.
Mom & Dad Arran.jpg
Jean and Isa Allan on a beach – possibly on Islay.

A photograph of Jean and Leslie taken on Arran in the late 1950’s or early 60’s.
Goatfell the highest hill on the Island is in the background.


Mother and father in the late 1960’s looking rather tired and worried. Dad was made redundant when the Paterson Biscuit Company was bought out by Walkers Ltd. Mother
kept the ‘show on the road’ with some financial prudence and her savings. Dad went to work with MacFarlane Langs, a major biscuit manufacturer, in their chocolate biscuit operation in the Toll Cross area of Glasgow – full circle from Wylie Barr & Ross Ltd.



Jean in her eighties.

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