The Leslie Boys from Argentina

Recent information on the Leslie family finds some living in Argentina. Thanks to Bob Leiser and Jorge Gallego,  the Argentinean sports historian,  football history is emerging.

Arnot  and William Leslie         George Leslie

William and George played in  the first ever football match between Argentina and Uruguay in 1901 and William played full back in the first full international played between the two countries in 1902. The first game was played in Montevideo, Uraguay on 16 May 1901 .  The record of the match gives William his Spanish name Guillermo and states that he scored a gaol in the 3-2 victory over the Uruguayan team. Most if not all the team were expats.  The Lomas team were well represented. The Lomas team no longer exists unfortunately at least not at professional level. The 1902 match was also played in Montevideo and Argentina won 6 – 0 . In 1902 Guillermo was playing for Quilmes AC.

George and William were born  in Argentina and stayed there when their family came to Glasgow in 1901.  Bob Leiser  has made contact with their descendants in Cordoba who have promised to provide details. Arnot ( Team manager ) came back to Glasgow in 1901 with Arnot Snr and his family.

In addition to this football prowess, Arnot Leslie Jnr, gave his name to a golf competition at the Mar del Plata Golf Club in Buenos Aires. Arnot was the first champion of the club in 1912. This competition is still held at the club.

Thanks again to Jorge for the above deatils.

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