Introduction to Our Family and the Author

I would like to welcome you to our family tree and history of John Leslie Piggot and his wife Jean McPherson Dudgeon McDonald.  My name is Malcolm Piggot, I am the self appointed genealogist of our family and proud to share our story.  This web page includes over 20 years of research into the background, history and stories of our proud family.  From the Highlands of Western Scotland,  to the expansion of our family across the United States of America, we are a large and diversified family. The information I have gathered has been a combination of documented research, family input, family stories and generation to generation information.  A concerted effort has been made to verify and check each fact, date, event and story.  However, mistakes can and are made and I would encourage any family member to please contact me with any errors, requested changes, additions and comments.   If you have any photos of the early Piggot’s or their relatives, I would appreciate any donation you could make. My email is

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